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If you're interested in how the AURA™ Cloud Platform can benefit your business online, but don't understand the tech-speak, take a look at our Basic Overview.

To find a partner who provides specialised application development services you can view our Certified Partners list.

The AURA™ Cloud Platform is a hosted application platform, built to deliver highly scalable, optimized and robust web apps to W3C standard.

Control everything, from UI and scripts, to databases and files, with 100% JavaScript. The built-in Ajax functionality lets you make a request to the platform server, process the data, then send the response back to your application, without ever deviating from JavaScript. You may even forget there actually is client-server communication.

Make Beautiful Things

No longer do you have to wrestle with HTML, CSS, and the numerous browser quirks and incompatibilities out there. The powerful application UI available in the client-side API lets you build rock solid, cross-browser interfaces with object-orientated JavaScript, including: tooltips, context menus, drag and drop, events management, keyboard mapping, debugging, and object-orientated theming.

All this lets you focus on building and refining your application interface rather than just making it work. We guarantee you'll find creating your application more fun than an actual task.

Why not try a Demo Application. Check it out, and don't be afraid to click around.

We Make It Work

Hosting your application on the AURA™ Cloud Platform means you also save on server configuration and maintainence, resource scaling, system reliability, and security management. All this and more is taken of for you by a highly professional and dedicated team who know and undestand the needs of our demanding customers.

Our aim is to release you from the shackles of system administration so you can spend more time on your application, plus the many other more enjoyable things in life.

Simplicity By Design

The AURA™ Cloud Platform has been built from the ground up with clarity and coherence in mind. We are developers too, and we hate frameworks and APIs which force you to adopt non-sense code styles, or have odd design faults which hamper the development process. We know you like to get down to coding. So do we.

You will find a concise set of tools, both client-side and server-side, nicely packed in predictable namespaces. All constructors and methods included in the API are object-orientated, with arguments passed in objects. This not only means that you can easily drop arguments from a method call, but we can extend API functionality without breaking your code.

If you want to see the platform in action for yourself, view the Demo Application, or compile your own application in real-time using the Developer Sandbox editor.

For all your unanswered questions we have a FAQ page, made especially, just for you.

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